Bit Reduce*
(/bit rɪˈdjuːs/ [EN] - /bit rè-du-ce/ [IT]) is an electronic experiment by Mao and Kino.
The debut record “Fine” (/faɪn/ [EN]: adjective, “good” - /ˈfiːne/ [IT]: noun, “end”) out soon in the stores.


News | We've finished recording our debut album and we're currently evaluating publishing proposals by record labels (if interested, please contact us at

^ Biography

Bit Reduce is an electronic music experiment, if by this label we mean the use of both electronic and acoustic instruments. The way of using them - that is the classic home studio dominated by inexpensive computers - is what characterizes the sound and makes the project part of the electronic music in its broadest sense. The technique is to play sessions like any other rock band, and then sample them so that they can be used as if they were loops taken from vinyls. The focus is always on the rhythm and the beat, but the structure is like that one of a classic pop song. In this sense, the duo's path leads from The Beatles to the Chemical Brothers, just as from New Order to Soulwax. Over house music programming and latest generation synthetic sounds, simple and intelligent vocal melodies keep on prevailing while, mixed with samples and delays, and together with the sound of guitars, link club moods to the song form. Even in the lyrics, the intent is to actualize the language, to feel it living, integrating Italian and English not as an affectation, but in order to document a process that can be daily witnessed in the spoken language.

The project was born in Turin, as part of the phenomenon that is the musical scene in this city, stimulated by its atmosphere and its always pulsing club culture. In this sense, the divergent histories of the two members, Kino (a programmer and sound engineer, who has collaborated with the most prominent Italian alternative bands, such as Africa Unite, Bluvertigo, Lombroso, Monaci del Surf, Persiana Jones, Soerba, Subsonica and Vinicio Capossela) and Mao (a musician with various records to his name) are a good representation of the style the music takes, as it moves between acoustic guitars and drum machines. Bit Reduce's list of credits includes various club nights in Turin, Rome, Milan, as well as musical installations and festivals along Italy.

Today: 10 tracks were composed and are ready for the debut record Fine, out soon in the stores.

^ Mao

Mao, stage name of Mauro Gurlino, was born in Turin, Italy, on 16th April 1971. As he likes to say, Turin is somewhere between Foggia and Aosta. He has earned a degree in History and Criticism of the Cinema at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of the University of Turin. A creative and in-depth critique discussing the musical film “Yuppi Du” by Adriano Celentano was among his final thesis topics. “He is and has been anything”, as once he was defined by a journalist describing his eclectic thirty-year career.

He has been leader in the nineties of the band Mao e la Rivoluzione, publishing two records for Virgin Records (“
Sale” and “Casa”, attending Sanremo Giovani with the song “Romantico” and performing the opening act for Oasis), presenter with Andrea Pezzi for tv shows broadcasted on MTV Italy (“Kitchen”, “Hot”, “Romalive”, “Tiziana”, “Tokusho”), speaker for radio stations since the high school (Radio Deejay, Radio Flash and Gru Radio), actor both in long films (“20 Venti” by Marco Pozzi, “500!” by Giovanni Robbiano, Lorenzo Vignolo and Matteo Zingirian, “Perduto Amor” by Franco Battiato, “A/R Andata+Ritorno” and “Passione sinistra” by Marco Ponti, “I solidi idioti” by Enrico Lando) and in short films (directed by Enrico Iacovoni, Nicola Rondolino, Igor Mendolia and Guido Norzi).

Over the years, he has collaborated with several musicians, among which, Delta V, Max Gazzè and Morgan, producer of his first solo record “
Black mokette”, released by Sony Music, followed by the soundtrack for the film “500!”, released by Mescal. Together with Santabarba, he played as resident band for the music tv show “Scalo 76” broadcasted on RaiDue. Rai, the Italian national television, had him as well as resident musician for the radio show “Ventura Football Club” broadcasted on RaiRadio1.

For fifthteen years, he has been organizing showcases for the Turin nightclubbing scene through the soundtrack contests “
Duel”, the song contests “LaBase” and the talk shows “Il Salotto di Mao”, formats which have hosted more than 1,000 artists ( Together with Marco Peroni and Mario Congiu, he was member for ten years of the trio Le Voci del Tempo, a band telling the Italian history in clubs and theatres with shows mixing images, readings and songs.

Most recently, he has published his second solo record, “
Piume pazze”, distributed for free on internet, and two novels “Meglio tardi che Mao” (Express Edizioni) and “Olràit! Mao sogna Celentano e gliele canta” (Arcana Edizioni), beyond currently working to the debut record of the electronic music experiment project Bit Reduce ( From 2014, he has been member of the Roba forte squad, cult radio show broadcast live from a club ( He is owner and manager of CortoCorto STUDIO, an indie recording and production studio located in the heart of San Salvario neighborhood in Turin.

Nel 2019 he releases the singles “
Nudi alla meta” and Le cose”, born from the artistic cooperation with Enrica Tesio and produced by Radio Deejay’s DJ Aladyn and Max Bellarosa.

^ Kino

Kino, stage name of Luca Gennaro, was born in Turin, Italy, on 1st October 1977. He is an Italian arranger, composer, producer, programmer and sound engineer, who has collaborated for the most prominent Italian alternative bands, such as Africa Unite, Bluvertigo, Cerchi nel Grano, Domenico Mungo, Lombroso, Mao, Monaci del Surf, Motor, Persiana Jones, Santabarba, Soerba, Subsonica, The Sabaudians and Vinicio Capossela. On October 1st 2014, day of his b-day, Kino publishes the debut record “OK raga!” available in free download, which is accompanied by the music video for the single “Questa è una canzone da”.

^ Music films

The streaming of the music film for the 1st single “Hey you!” will be available starting from the release day of the debut record “Fine.

Bit Reduce - Hey you! [Music film | London]
Release date: TBA
YouTube | Vimeo

#2  Bit Reduce - Enter [Music film | Tokyo]
Release date: TBA
YouTube | Vimeo

#3  Bit Reduce feat. Morgan - Bad boy screaming [Music film | Paris]
Release date: TBA
YouTube | Vimeo

^ Streaming

The streaming of the debut record “Fine” will be available starting from the release day.

^ Credits


Bit Reduce


Release date:

Record format:

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Audio format:




Singles & music films:
#1 Bit Reduce - Hey you!
#2 Bit Reduce - Enter
#3 Bit Reduce - Bad boy screaming

Band members:
Mao (bass guitar, guitar, piano, sampler, synths, vocals -
Kino (bass guitar, drum machine, guitar, mixing, programming, sampler, synths, vocals -
Danilo (art direction, visual art -

Marco “Morgan” Castoldi on
Bad boy screaming at cut/off

Lyrics & music:
Luca Gennaro & Mauro Gurlino

Production, recording & mixing:
Motorcity STUDIO
Via Saluzzo, 91
10126 Turin

CortoCorto STUDIO
Via Edoardo Calvo, 4/E
10126 Turin

Bit Reduce (photography taken in Amerikamura, Osaka, Japan, at “Peace on earth” by Seitaro Kuroda)


Music publisher:

Digital distribution:

Booking agency:

Press office:

Rights society:
S.I.A.E. (Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori)


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^ Tracklist

01. 516 - 2:43
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: drum machine, sampler, synths - M: vocals, guitar, synths]

02. Never familiar - 5:02
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: drum machine, sampler, synths - M: vocals, guitar, synths]

03. Hey you! - 5:08
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: drum machine, sampler, synths - M: vocals, guitar]

04. KK - 3:33
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: drum machine, synths - M: guitar]

05. Bad boy screaming (feat. Morgan) - 4:43
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: bass guitar, drum machine, synths - M: vocals, bass guitar, guitar, synths - Morgan: cut/off]

06. Corruption - 3:07
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: vocals, drum machine, guitar, synths - M: vocals, guitar, synths]

07. Enter - 5:23
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: bass guitar, drum machine, synths - M: vocals, guitar, synths]

08. Crazy - 4:35
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: drum machine, sampler, synths - M: vocals, guitar, synths]

09. It's time for - 3:27
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: bass guitar, drum machine, synths - M: vocals, bass guitar, guitar]

10. On/Off - 3:48
(Lyrics: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: vocals, drum machine, sampler, synths - M: vocals, guitar, piano, synths]

11. (Bonus track) Hey you! (The Haçienda Club Mix) - 5:28
(Lyrics: Mauro Gurlino - Music: Luca Gennaro, Mauro Gurlino)
[K: drum machine, sampler, synths - M: vocals, guitar]

^ Mixtape


^ Remixes

Remixes submissions of Bit Reduce's or own tracks are welcome at

^ Gigs

The gigs for the presentation of the debut record “Fine” will be announced the release day.

^ Management

^ Booking

^ Press

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^ Head-quarters

Bit Reduce is based in Turin (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium)

CortoCorto STUDIO
Via Edoardo Calvo, 4/E
10126 Turin

^ Contacts

General enquiries:





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^ Thanks

Bit Reduce would like to express extreme gratitude to Mattia Boscolo, Guglielmo Bottin, Marco “Morgan” Castoldi, Andrea Esu, Vincenzo Lombino, Luca Lorenzi, Michele “Stra” Marchetti, Luca Mascioli, Sergio Olivato, Gianluca “Cato” Senatore, Daniela Trebbi, Giorgio Valletta, Enrico Veronese, Fabrizio Vespa and Alessandro Vivari. With love, for John Niccolò, Sara Michelle and Silvia.


Bit Reduce's GIF (, for better or worse, credits: 1. Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masini; 2. David Bowie; 3. Johan Cruijff; 4. Carmelo Bene; 5. Alessandra Mussolini, Cristiano Malgioglio, and Sabrina Salerno; 6. Bernard Sumner; 7. Gianni De Michelis; 8. Beck; 9. Manlio Sgalambro and Franco Battiato; 10. Anton Corbijn; 11. Krisma; 12. Bruno Conti; 13. Dino Meneghin; 14. The Jesus and Mary Chain; 15. The Jackson 5; 16. Elio Di Rupo; 17. Albano Carrisi and Romina Power; 18. Sean Lennon; 19. The Clash; 20. Sébastien Tellier; 21. Vincent Gallo; 22. Paul McCartney; 23. DJ Mehdi; 24. Brian Ferry; 25. Monica Vitti and Andy Warhol; 26. David Sylvian; 27. Tommaso Labranca; 28. Karl Hyde; 29. St. Vincent; 30. John Taylor; 31. Gilles Villeneuve; 32. Margaret Thatcher; 33. Corrado Mantoni and Gigi Sabani; 34. Stromae; 35. Giuni Russo; 36. Kim Jong-un; 37. Gigi D'Agostino; 38. Bananarama; 39. Zony and Yony; 40. Zebra Kat; 41. Stock Aitken Waterman; 42. Gianluca Vialli; 43. King Krule; 44. 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^ * Unintentionally, Bit Reduce is pronounced /bit rɪˈdjuːs/ [EN] by Kino and /bit rè-du-ce/ [IT] by Mao.
In Italian, the word “Bit Reduce” hides a play on words which reflects the concept of the project.